Roadtrip 2019

My girlfriend, Davina, and I wanted to do a roadtrip. We were first thinking about France, but some friends recommended Croatia. Because of the beautiful nature and friendly people. So we started planning everything. Because we both love to fish for carp, we made a fishing roadtrip. We both have never been to Croatia, so everything was new for us. At one evening i started to look for lakes on google maps. And we found two beautiful lakes in Lokve as our first stop in Croatia. So the decision was made, Mrzla Vodica will be the first lake in Croatia we fish. Because of the long ride, we choose to stop in Slovenia at Lake Bled to have a few days rest. And then continue our trip. Offcourse i bought a fishing license for bled as well. But Bled didn’t want to show us one of it’s georgous carp. So without any fish caught we drove to Fûzine, we booked a beautiful appartment there, Villa Moya. This place was owned by a very kind Kroatian man, Ivan. We only planned to fish one day at Mrzla Vodica. Just to discover the lake and maybe come back next year for a longer period. When i did some research at home. I found the facebook page of the two lakes, Mrzla Vodica and Lokvarsko. So i decided to text the owner of the page. Not knowing who was the person behind this page. I soon found out it was Danijel. A very friendly and helpfull local fisherman, who is the “president” of the club. With some tips about fishing the lake and telling me some rules about the lake, we definitely wanted to catch one of the beautiful carp that’s in the lake. Because all the pictures we saw from the population of the lake, were stunning! We met Danijel and Marijana, the secretary of the club, the day before we would start fishing the lake. Immediately there was a connection with these two very lovely people. Danijel suggested to prebait the area we would fish. Because it wouldn’t be easy to catch carp in the short amount of time we would be at the lake.

After prebaiting we stopped at the cottage next to the lake to have a drink. First Croatian beer for me, and it was good. We chatted for a while, but then Davina and i had to go to the shop to get our food and drinks for the next day. And get back to the appartement for a few hours sleep.
The next morning we woke up a bit later then planned. But we were both so tired from the long ride and from getting up early every day.
When we arrived at the lake it was very quiet en we were the only 2 people fishing at the lake. We prepared al the rods, all on different bait. We used boilies and tigernuts. With only the two of us fishing the lake, we had the opportunity to spread 6 rods over a big area of the lake.
But the hard cold wind wasn’t in our favour. Also the amount of weeds didn’t make it easier. It was a struggle to get all the rods in place. But at 9 o’clock everything was finally in place.
Beacause of the hard work we got some food out of the car and sat down to start eating some sandwiches.
Boom, first rod went off only after 15minutes in the water. A beautiful mirror was the result after a strong fight, a nice 11,9kg of pure mirror gold. We were getting our waders on for taking pictures and there goes the second rod. One of my girlfriends rods was screaming. Only minutes after the first bite. When she was playing the fish, i was getting the second net to land her fish. And there goes one of my rods again. I soon could land my fish, another mirror. This one a little smaller then the first one, 9kg. In the meantime Davina was still in a fight with her fish. When i finally get back to her, the fish was stuck on something right in front of the weeds. We immediately decided to take the boat and drive to the fish. We tried everyting to get it loose. And finally we managed to get out of the snag. But the fish was allready of. It felt like a good fish. But sadly, this is also a part of fishing. You win some, you lose some.
After these crazy 30 minutes everything was calm again and all the rods are back in position.
The rest of the day was very quiet.
In the late afternoon, when i was catching some sleep. One of my rods was off again. Davina immediately took the rod and managed to get the fish away from te green. But no way… This fish was stuck again. On this place there was also a snag in the water we couldn’t see.
Another fish lost.. The mood was a bit down at this moment because this was allready the second fish lost.
But we were refusing to give up.
And finally in the last minutes before packing, one of Davina’s rods screamed of.
She was quick enough to get the fish away from the weeds and guided the fish arround another pack of weeds in the middle of the lake. And the third fish was in the net right after sunset.
And she did it again, everytime she beats me 🙈😁 this time she did it with a beautiful, perfect 13kg mirror with a very nice black spot on his side.
We both packed all the gear with a smile on our face. And told to each other that we are definitely coming back to this beautiful piece of water one day.
Sure we will get back for a second chapter of our Lokve adventure.
Thanks Danijel for the help and the great memory of this beautiful place.

Davina and Lance